Control Systems



Intelligent Control System (ICS) is a new seat control system which together with PG’s R-net control system constitutes a big step forward towards the “thinking wheelchair”. It results in completely new opportunities for far-reaching individualisation of movements and functions.

Magic Drive EC

The MagicDrive EC can be used not just to control your wheelchair, but also to easily operate your communications and environmental equipment, such as your telephone, Intercom, TV, radio, roller blinds or lighting. The flexibility of the system means that a wide variety of controls can be applied as required. A nod of the head or a minimal movement of a finger or chin can be enough.

Using the MagicDrive EC you can control your environment with the same joystick or input equipment. You can control your environment via infrared signals, radio frequency or direct cable connections. With the MagicDrive EC Easy Mobile function you can make and receive calls, as well as send and receive text messages. Have a chat with the aid of SMS and get audio feedback telling you where you are in the menu. The MagicDrive EC is easy to use and adapt to your own requirements.

R-net Omni

The R-Net Omni hosts a large, clear and full colour LCD the screen, which ensures they present the user information in the clearest and most user-friendly way. For example, the content and order of user menus is fully customisable, a feature which ensures the most frequently used functions can be accessed in the most efficient way.

Magic Drive Touch

Whatever your disability, you will be able to control the wheelchair easily and actively whilst maintaining direct control of your environment and communication with others in everyday life.

The MagicDrive Touch is so flexible that most problems can be solved. A nod of the head or the slightest finger movement can be all it takes to operate the wheelchair. For example, contact by means of telephone, digital media or modern speech technology is also possible with the MagicDrive Touch.

In practice, this means that the MagicDrive Touch can be adapted to the user’s individual needs. Every wheelchair is personalised. The key is to use advanced technology to enable what used to be impossible. For many disabled people, MagicDrive Touch can make the difference between doing something yourself or having to ask for help.

Total Head Array

Total Control Head Array System takes adjustability and versatility to the next level. With its telescoping arms and the ability to mount proximity sensors or mechanical switches virtually anywhere, the device can be easily configured to meet any control need. Plus, the Permobil head array’s comfortable, minimal design allows the user to control the chair without being overwhelmed by the equipment.

R-Net Attendant Control

R-Net Dual Attendant control system allows the drive and actuator functions of the power chair to be controlled by an attendant from another location on the power chair. Control is easily exchanged via a push-button, and the attendant can limit the maximum speed and change the seating of the chair.