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Beach & Pool Chairs


Neatech J.O.B

Price starting from £1095

JOB meets the need of people with disabilities to have a specific product for the holidays and especially for bathing. The Neatech has created and produced “J’amme ‘o bagn” which is not only eye-catching invitation in Neapolitan to bathe in the sea, instead the JOB It has effectively solved the problem of the inability of people with disabilities or temporary limitations to enter the water, thus satisfying the natural desire of
sea and atmosphere of fun and lightheartedness that characterise a vacation day.

The vacation of a person with a disability should not be conceived as a simple moment of escape and entertainment, but also as an
opportunity for growth. Thanks to its waterproof wheels with variable section and controlled deformation, the JOB enables users
and their companions to face pebbles, gravel, snow and dirt, transforming each new obstacle into a source of entertainment.

To facilitate the transport has been studied a tightening system with no fixed restrictions, so the wheelchair is assembled and dismantled in a few minutes and without the help of any tools. JOB It is the ideal solution for swimming pools and bathing facilities not yet equipped for the stay of the disabled, as it allows you to adapt the structure to the rules in force for the removal of architectural barriers.