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Karma Kameleon


Independent mobility plays a key role in the early stages of mental growth. The Kameleon is a paediatric power wheelchair designed to support kids through this transition safely.

Kameleon is designed for children ages 3 to 12 years old. It offers wide ranges of adjustment. And it is the only power wheelchair on the market to provide full power functions, including power tilt, recline, lift and elevating footrest.

Rear Basket

A place to hold the child’s personal belongings such as school bag or favourite toy.


If your child needs help changing his or her position, Kameleon is your preferred choice. It provides the power-tilt from 0 to 45 degree, which completely redistributes and relieves pressure. This feature also aids stability and good posture while driving, making the ride safer and more comfortable.

Bio-mechanical Power Recline

Reclining wheelchair allows the wheelchair user to change position and relieve pressure. Unfortunately, sliding is a common problem with reclining wheelchairs and it may lead to skin breakdown. This is why Kameleon puts a strong emphasis on wheelchair bio-mechanics. The bio-mechanics recline of Kameleon effectively prevents the wheelchair user from sliding on the chair; as a result, prevent lateral supports from being misplaced.

Power Lifting

Every child should have the power lifting function built into their power chair. It allows kids to have eye-level interactions with their peers, which is crucial to develop self-confidence. Power lifting also helps children to overcome unfriendly environment, such as bookshelves, supporting them to learn and play like their peers.

Grow With The Child

Adjustability plays a key role in children’s wheelchairs. The Kameleon offers 10-12 inches adjustment on the seat width and 11-14 inches on the depth. It is designed to accommodate a child from his or her 4 to 12 years old. It is one of the most cost effective paediatric chair on the market.

Seating in Abduction

It is hard for anyone to seat with our knee together for more than a couple of minutes. By spreading the legs naturally, we can actually widen up the pelvic base of support, which improves the sitting stability. The abducted seating of the Kameleon was designed to help children to support their legs and remain this natural sitting position.

Customise Configured Seat Wedge

Every child has different ways of sitting. Which is why the Kameleon seat pan is designed to accommodate any customise seat wedge that therapist may need. By inserting wedges under the cushion of the Kameleon, the therapist can try and error until finding the right one for the child.