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Karma Powered Wheelchairs


Karma Kameloen

The New Karma Kameleon powerchair has plenty of options to suit most child’s needs and is small and maneuverable and comes with 2 size seating options 25kg and 60kg, Electrical height adjustment of 300mm which comes as standard, Electric seat angle adjustment 50˚, Speeds 6/10/12.5 kph, R-Net Control, Cool child friendly colours or you can choose your own custom colour.

The powered high/low setting makes it possible for children to sit at a table or desk and interact with their friends at the same height.

The practical luggage cart (standard) offers space for games or a school bag. Through the numerous accessories, the Kameleon is unique for each child!

Karma Evo Lectus

Evo Lectus Awards

EVO LECTUS is engineered to the exact specifications of the wheelchair users and can be customized in accordance with the needs of every single client. The strong and compact EVO chassis is equipped with a fully adjustable 4-wheel suspension system and guarantees powerful and smooth driving performance in all circumstances; indoor as well as outdoor and rough terrain. The full-scale adjustable LECTUS seat system can be completely set-up to the individual needs of the user.

The “sky-high” seat lift has an amazing reach of 40 cm! The EVO LECTUS represents an evolution coming from many years of experience in individual wheelchair assessments.

Karma Mid Lectus

The MID Lectus is one of the latest additions to the Karma product family.  With its clear design, colour concept and styling it is a real eye-catcher. The MID Lectus impresses with its powerful mid-wheel drive chassis, making it extremely compact and manoeuvrable. The 6 individually mounted wheels with their hydraulic suspension offer a high level of ride comfort and stability. Equipped with the proven Lectus seating system the MID also offers a high level of seating comfort, with an extensive range of seating adjustments. Equipped with the latest R-Net drive technology the possibilities for special controls are endless from head controls to chin controls and a multitude of joystick controls from extremely light touch right through to heavy duty. In addition specialist adaptations can be made to the chair specifically tailored to meet the users needs. So all you need to do is ask!


Karma Evo Lectus LOW RIDER

EVO Lectus Low Rider is developed with the end user’s needs in mind taking into account the needs of everyone involved, such as the user’s family, the care professional and the service mechanic. With its modern design the Evo Lectus Low Rider is a high-end electric wheelchair. Has extensive connection options for taking control of the environment. The bio-mechanical leg and arm supports make it easy for the user to make transfers. The Evo Lectus Low Rider is characterised by the combination of mobility with power and individual seat support.

Karma Evo Altus

Altus Awards

The EVO Altus expands on the already extensive Karma product range.  With its unique design and form in combination with its multiple functionality and the ability to be easily adapted for individual customisation this makes it the perfect choice for your new standing powerchair. Winner of the Red Dot Product Design Award 2018, Healthcare category

 Red Dot Design Award