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Mo-vis Scoot Control


Mo-vis Scoot Control R-Net

The Scoot Control is a wheelchair control used by the attendant or caregiver to control the power chair over long distances outdoor, to manoeuver the chair in tight spaces or to take over the control of the user in difficult circumstances. The product is mounted on the backside of the wheelchair.

Fully proportional handlebar with 2 rubber handles and 2 configurable thumb throttles.

Built-in a compact housing, with a 3.5 mm stereo jack to connect an external actuator keypad (Curtiss-Wright CJSM2 compatible).

Full access to wheelchair functions such as Lights, Horn and Speed settings.

Battery and speed display via LEDs.

On-board configuration is possible.

Compatible with multiple types of wheelchair equipped with R-net electronics.


The Scoot Control Mounting Bracket (M015-70) is available as dedicated mounting part.

The Scoot Control R-net Bundle (P015-65) is a combination of both the Scoot Control and the Mounting Bracket.