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Seating Systems

Here at Smart Wheelchairs we offer a wide variety of seating components for Specialists Manual, Electric and Standing Wheelchairs, ranging from basic comfort cushions right through to high relief pressure care cushions and postural corrective seating systems.

In addition we also carry a wide stock of seating accessories for your Manual, Electric or Standing wheelchair.  These include lap belts, harnesses, lateral thoracic and thigh supports, all of which aid and contribute to offering the maximum comfort level possible for the user.

If you are unsure of any of these products or require any help at all to see which would suit your needs best please do not hesitate to contact us so we can offer advice in helping you make the right decision.

Triton Seating System

The Triton seating system has been specifically designed to accommodate the needs of those users with extensive and complex requirements. A split seat as standard ensures leg length discrepancy is precisely supported, and the option of uniquely designed dynamic components means that even those users with powerful extensor patterns can maintain their optimum seating position.

The dynamic feature in the back rest is controlled via air pressure, for both the rate at which it opens under pressure from the user, as well as the rate at which it returns to its default position. These features give the Triton a controlled, gentle movement with the flexibility to meet any changing needs of the user as they grow or their presentation changes.


x:panda is a multi-adjustable dynamic seat, delivered in 4 different sizes – each seat with up to 10 cm in seat width and depth adjustment coupled with sliding backgrowth.  The back is dynamic, making it possible for the child to extend and push back against relatively light resistance and then regain the desired sitting position. The back is lockable which could be preferred in feeding situations and required when being used in transportation. The back can also be angled to make it possible to seat the child with either an open or closed hip angle.  


Smarter postural support seating

Aergo is a posture support system that empowers young wheelchair users. Its network of air cells are designed to adjust automatically when you move, giving you greater comfort and independence to do what you love.

Aergo has an expandable frame that grows in width and depth so it can support you for longer.

The remote control lets you set up your chair the way you want with a simple click.


Panda Futura 5

The Panda Futura size 5 is a comfortable supportive seat for larger children and teenagers. The seat is available in two versions; Standard and Active which provide the required comfort, support and freedom of movement.  The back of the seat unit can be adjusted independently of the seat. The pivotal point of recline is anatomically correct, being in line with the hip joint. The back angles from -5° to 30°.  The Panda Futura size 5 can be mounted on the Combi Frame:x, Strong Base, High-low:x indoor and outdoor frames depending on the use of the seat. The seat is supplemented with and prepared for many optional accessories to fulfill the needs of the individual user.  

Panda Futura

The Panda Futura is a modular seating system for both indoor and outdoor use.  The Panda Futura seat is available in two different versions: Standard and Active. The Standard seat is primarily for children with the need of support around arms and shoulders. The Active seat is for the active children who need more freedom of movement.  The Panda Futura Standard is available in 5 sizes accommodating children aged approx. 1 to 12 years. The Panda Futura is available in 4 sizes as an Active version and will accommodate children aged approx. 1 to 12 years.

SOS 3D Modular Seating System

3D Modular Seating combines Custom Moulded Seating system with Modular Seat design.

3D Modular Seating Systems from SOS are particularly useful for clients with some fixed postural asymmetry who still require modular seating, as the customisation in the seat will accommodate the asymmetry and establish improved sitting balance.

This more intimate shaping in the 3D Modular System will also improve general comfort and tolerance when sitting for prolonged periods.

As with all SOS seating the 3D Modular Seat is compatible with a wide range of mobility equipment for further advice contact our Customer Services.